Thank you !



The Hong Kong French Theater Festival has been a unique opportunity to make wonderful encounters and we would like to sincerely thank our partners and supporters, in one word, our friends!


Many thanks to Anne Denis Blanchardon, French Consul, and Servane Gandais, Attachée for Education at the French Consulate for having believed in and supported the project from the beginning, for having opened their network and contributed a lot to make it happen!


Thank you so much to Dr Andrew Yuen, Founder and President of the French May, for his incredible and very efficient support in all the aspects of the festival – artistic, charitable and educational!


Thank you to Mr Soulard, Headmaster of The French International School, and to his team, for opening the doors of the Auditorium and strongly supporting the event. Thank you also to Christel Dupuch, for having coordinated the theater workshops and the performances for the students.


Many thanks to Dr. Theodore Faunce, Headmaster of the Chinese International School, and to Sophie Borduas, Head of French / Spanish, for welcoming 2 performances in their Auditorium and offering theater workshops and performances to their students.


Thank you so much to Amandine Hervey, founder and owner of Mur Nomade, for organizing a private performance in her beautiful Art Gallery!


Thank you to Patrice Coique (La Salle College), to Clarisse Couturier (King George V School) and Anne Carole Laborde (Carmel School) for giving the opportunity to their students to participate in theater workshops and/or attend performances.


How can we express our gratitude to the amazing PSE team who simply made it happen - Claire, Matthieu, Sophie, Marie Pierre, Christel, and all the anonymous volunteers!


And also thank you so much to Amelie Arminjon, our graphic designer, who designed and set up the lovely poster, the flyer and the program, an enormous job!


Beatrice, Nathalie and Sebastien, organizers