Pyjama pour six

(A Pyjama For Six)

By Marc Camoletti

Cie les Enfants Terribles

Eric promised his wife Karine to take her on a week-end to their country house, when he realizes that it is also his mistress, Natacha’s, birthday! He then orchestrates a ploy which seems perfect to spice up the week-end. His plan: invite his friend Raoul, and once there ask him to pretend to be Natacha’s lover, as she is on her way to join them all. Everything is set like clockwork.


But one or two slip-ups could end up disturbing the harmony: Raoul is already Karine’s lover, Natacha’s train is late, and Natacha is also the name of Karine’s newly hired maid. Everything arrives, one thing after another at a hectic pace with misunderstandings, lies, desire, stunts… Eric completely loses control of the situation. 1 week-end, 3 couples, 9 possibilities, place your bets!


A hilarious comedy!


Public Award,

XXIVème Festival de Théâtre de Maisons-Laffitte,

May 2015


Best Comedy of the Season

Laurette Theater 2014



1 h 30 - All audiences

Wednesday, 9th March - 8 pm

French International School Auditorium

34 Price Road, Jardine's lookout - MAP

"In the bedroom farce type, Marc Camoletti’s play “Pyjama For Six” is a classic. One of the most successful plays of this last quarter of a century. From then on, the mechanics of laughter unfold their lively dialogues and hilarious stage performance. The actors, led by the duo of Vincent Messager and Xavier Devichi, prove to be worthy of the text. Sometimes they are even downright marvelous in their virtuosity. An effective stageplay with no vulgarity, acting mastered by actors always concerned by being worthy of the text, a text full of good words: this is the recipe for a good play!” L’Indépendant (French newspaper).