On behalf of the Cambodian Children from PSE


The Children of Pour Un Sourire d’Enfant would like to deeply and sincerely thank all the partners of the Hong Kong French Theater Festival, who will highly contribute, through their donation or their contribution, to the financing of our school in Cambodia.


Many thanks to our private donors for their very generous donation:


  • Dr. Andrew Yuen

  • Joseph KD Lau

  • Esther Wong 

  • Yvette Yung

  • Rogier Verhoeven


And thank you so much to all our partners:


  • Herve Guinebert (Banque Transatlantique)

  • Frederic Cohen (Clarins)

  • Charlotte Judet (Kering)

  • Manu and Sophie Vallier (Stan Café)

  • Sam Weil (Le Tambour)

  • Laurent Morel (Moet et Chandon)

  • Herve Mazella (Grand Hyatt Hotel)

  • Madeline Progin and Emmanuelle Le Moing (Libraire Parentheses)

  • Sophie Lamacq (Aberdeen Street)

  • And those who wish to stay anonymous!