Matakonda entre en Scène 

(Matakonda Comes On Stage)

d'après Anne Vantal

Cie C'est Pas Du Jeu

Spectacle Jeune Public

Matakonda is a hideous witch who mistreats her only son, Tom. Tom ends up running away from her. Soon after, Tom meets a beautiful princess, Samantha, and her love will help him heal his wounds… Based on this story published as a novel, two young actors, Sophie and Leo must elaborate a show intended to be performed on stage. With a few tricks and a lot of imagination, they will transform the tale step by step and create the illusion on stage. An opportunity for a young audience to be swept away by a show being put together right before their eyes.


The actors are amazing, the stage play is rhythmic, the dialogues are funny – mission accomplished! Le Pariscope , French entertainment guide




50 min - Performance best enjoyed by 5-year olds +

Saturday, 18th March - 3 pm

French International School Auditorium

34 Price Road, Jardine's lookout - MAP