Le Plaisir de l'Amour

(The Pleasure Of Love )

By Robert Pouderou

Cie Les Enfants Terribles

Friday, 11th March - 8 pm

Chinese International School Auditorium

1 Hau Yuen Path, Braemar Hill (Tin Hau) - MAP

Sophie enjoys the pleasures of love and this is the skill she wishes to pass on to Rosalie and the young Victor, who is very impatient to learn more on this subject! Sophie laughs at Victor’s lack of experience, she arouses her protégé’s senses, but is Sophie really all that indifferent to this youth?


Then there is the neighbor, Doctor Somnol, who tries to seduce her with all the ardor of his passion for women…When they all find themselves in a boudoir, it becomes difficult to conceal their feelings for long! Touching characters in a funny and at the same time profound comedy. Beautiful grounds for thought on the power of seduction and the passage of time...


Public Award,  Festival de Sorgue


Public Award, Festival de St Andre


Public Award, Festival de Cholet


Silver Arlequin, festival de Cholet


1 h 30 - Adults and teenagers

“A sublime and naughty scene of a Belle Epoque interior: Les Enfants Terribles engage in a high-flying verbal ping-pong, and use of their physical attributes not to go out of bounds. The sensual trials and tribulations of a declining actress are depicted with a joyful intensity and a creative and surprising stageplay. When the game of seduction fights over a sentimental stake, a young suitor, an old charmer, and an out-and-out minx unleash with delight. Joyous and creative!” Les Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace (French regional newspaper)