Le Médecin malgré lui,

(The Doctor In Spite Of Himself))

By Molière

Cie les Pitres Rouges

After another night quarrelling with her drunk and violent husband, Martine decides to take revenge. She pretends that her lumberjack husband, Sganarelle, is a brilliant doctor. Realizing that he could gain from this situation, Sganarelle goes along with the trickery. Introduced by two servants into Géronte’s house, Sganarelle has for a mission to cure his daughter Lucinde who has become mysteriously mute…


Best direction (Brice Borg),

Best actress, Automnales 2013 (festival Cours Florent)




1 h 30 - All Audiences

Saturday, 12th March - 8 pm

French International School Auditorium

34 Price Road, Jardine's lookout - MAP

“The young troupe Les Pitres Rouges, led by the talented Brice Borg(….) seizes this satire of doctors and gullible ones with a burlesque and joyful humor. The actors are all excellent and (…..) throw themselves into the performance wholeheartedly. They treat us with their clownish mimicking, their delicious play on words and their infectious energy. This “Doctor In Spite of Himself” is spirited, modern, and wild. An exhilarating show, ideal to introduce Molière to children starting at 9 years old.” Le Pariscope, September 2014 (French arts and living magazine)