Le Choix des Ames

(The DiIemma of the Souls)

de Stéphane Titéca

La Tite Compagnie

This play takes place in 1916, in a crater during the Battle of Verdun. In this muddy hole, two men from opposite worlds cross paths: Raoul, a simple World War I French soldier from the country side, and Franz, a German soldier, who is a musician and a humanist. These two men now need each other to escape, setting aside their grievances and overcoming their mutual hatred for the sake of survival.


2015 Theater Award

“The Dilemma of the Souls” is a powerful play, a must-see! (La Nouvelle Rébublique, May 2016 – French newspaper)



1 h 15 – Adults and teenagers

Thursday, 16th March - 8 pm

Chinese International School Auditorium

1 Hau Yuen Path, Braemar Hill (Tin Hau) - MAP