Inconnu à cette adresse

(Address Unknown)

By Kressmann Taylor

Cie du Point du Jour

“November 12, 1932”


“My Dear Martin:


Back in Germany! How I envy you! Although I have not seen it since my school days, the spell of Unter den Linden is still strong upon me, the breadth of intellectual freedom, the discussions, the music, the lighthearted comradeship. And now the old Junker spirit, the Prussian arrogance and militarism are gone. You go to a democratic Germany, a land with a deep culture and the beginnings of a fine political freedom…”


This is how the letters start between Max Eisenstein, a Jewish art dealer living in San Francisco, and his friend and associate, Martin Schulse, who returned to Munich to live with his family… A few weeks later, the President of the young Weimar Republic, the old Marshall Von Hindenburg, appoints Adolf Hitler as Chancellor. Can the friendship between Max and Martin, as strong as it may be, survive the ideological evolution? Faced with the tragic events of History, who is the persecutor? Who is the victim? Faced with the tragic facts of life, is forgiveness always possible? While mixing both fiction and reality, this play uncompromisingly describes the irresistible rise of Nazism as well as the personal and collective tragedy of Nazi Germany.


1 h 10 - Adults and teenagers

Thursday, 10th March - 8 pm

Chinese International School Auditorium

1 Hau Yuen Path, Braemar Hill (Tin Hau) - MAP


"The play was grandiose and you could feel the effort of both actors performing in an accomplished play. Again, many thanks to both of you  dear actors for this tough play, full of passion." Antoine Lebreton, Magazine of the Maisons-Laffitte Theater Festival