5 short comic plays by Jean Tardieu 

5 plays with one main character: speech

5 plays oozing comedy, absurdity, surprise and terror, intertwining ridicule and poetry in a performance that is explosive, inventive and colorful.


"The four legendary comedians are mysterious, dense and riveting. This performance is a celebration of a tragically neglected playwright, a redemption." France Inter – Le Masque et la Plume – G.Costaz (French literary radio show)

 “Irresistibly funny” - Le Figaroscope (French arts and living magazine »

“They are destined for success” - France 3 (Major National French TV channel)



1 h 30 – All audiences

De Quoi Parlez-Vous ?

(What Are You Saying?)

de Jean Tardieu

Cie C'est Pas Du Jeu

Friday, 17th March - 8 pm

Chinese International School Auditorium

1 Hau Yuen Path, Braemar Hill (Tin Hau) - MAP