La Cantatrice chauve 

(The Bald Soprano)

d'Eugène Ionesco

Théâtre de la Huchette

THE BALD SOPRANO invites you to know the Smiths, a Londoner traditional familly who has the Martins as visitors at their house. They also get a visit from the fireman. This play is an autopsy of the modern society, and uses ridiculous situations, lived by those two couples in their living room, to talk about the problems created by the languague and the comprehension.

The Bald Soprano  now holds the world record of the show that is played continuously in the same place for 61 years. It totals more than 18,000 performances today and nearly two million spectators.


In 2000, Ionesco show have won the prize Molière of Honnor.

« This is more than a museum’s object. It's worth the detour! »  Telerama

« When we're very old, we ‘ll have great pride to have attended to the performances of The Bald Soprano " Le Figaro

1 h 30 - All audiences from 13 YO

Friday, 29th March - 8 pm

Sheung Wan Civic Center

345 Queen's Road Central, Sheung Wan - MAP