« Dear God,

My name is Oscar, I am 10 years old, I lit the cat, the dog, and the house on fire ( I think I even grilled the goldfish) and this is the first letter I am sending you, because until now, due to school, I didn’t have time ».

Oscar is 10 years old and is living in the children’s hospital. His encounter with Granny-Rose, ex-wrestler and volunteer, will brighten his fate. She suggests he writes to God and acts, from now on, as if each day counted for ten years… The result is a unique friendship between Oscar and the lady in pink. This bond will change both their lives far beyond their imagination.

« Pierre Matras achieves an extraordinary acting performance and it is well served by  the beautiful stageplay by Lucie Muratet. » Vaucluse Matin


« Pierre Matras and Lucie Muratet’ s convincing and marvellous performance ended with a standing ovation from the public. » Le Clou dans la Planche.


« In this deeply moving performance, directed by Lucie Muratet, the story gets more emotional, as if necessary, and humor becomes even more essential. Look out, this is a powerful piece of work!»
Les Trois Coups

1 h 30 - Adults and Teenagers from 12 YO

Oscar et la Dame Rose

(Oscar and the Lady in Pink)

d'Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt

Le Grenier de Toulouse

Friday, 9th March - 8 pm

French International School Auditorium

34 Price Road, Jardine's lookout - MAP