« Colin is just starting middle school. It’s not easy to evolve from childhood to the big kids’ world, especially when you are « different ». The road is full of obstacles. However, a decisive encounter with his drama teacher, a kindly father figure, will lead him to a new rise,  a rebirth.

« A moving story and excellent acting for this masterful alternation of roles. » Telerama


“ A particularly delicate and poetic play. Nicolas Devort, the solo performer, interprets all these teenagers’ roles with a stunning ease. He also plays the role of the admirable drama teacher who helps these teenagers be themselves. The kind of teacher we all have dreamed of having as students.” Nice Matin

1 h 10 - All Audiences from 7 YO

Dans la Peau de Cyrano

(In Cyrano's Shoes)

de Nicolas Devort

La Cie qui va Piano

Saturday, 10th March - 3 pm

French International  School Auditorium

34 Price Road, Jardine's lookout - MAP