23rd of April 2017. Thunderclap for some: The far-right party made it to the second round of the presidential election. Love at first sight for others: Mado and Alexandre met just one hour before the results. They talked about everything but politics.  Mado has always voted for the left-wing party. She doesn’t know she just fell in love with an activist of the far-right party….

2 nominations to the Moliere awards in 2017: Best author, and best supporting actress


« A comedy full of nerves, funny and energetic. Spot on!»  L’Express


« When a play succeeds in  baffling, enriching, making you think….and entertains you, it’s a win! Your evening is not wasted….nor is your money. Well done ! »  Paris Match

1 h 30 - Adults and Teenagers

Politiquement Correct 

(Politically Correct)

de Salomé Lelouch

Matrioshka Production

Thursday, 8th March - 8 pm

Sheung Wan Civic Center

345 Queen's Road Central, Sheung Wan - MAP