Aime comme Marquise


de Philippe Froget

Compagnie le Jeu du Hasard

Discover the incredible destiny of Thérèse du Parc, known as  Marquise, actress in Molière’s theatre troupe. You are transported in 1668 in Paris, in the Theatre of The Hotel de Bourgogne.
Marquise is about to play Andromaque, a drama by Racine, when the Police Lieutenant General goes into her dressing room to interrogate her, acting on the King.
This investigation unveils the extraordinary path of this lower class woman who fascinated the most famous men of her time : Molière, Corneille, Racine, La Fontaine, D’Artagnan and even Louis XIV.

“Our crush in Avignon this year! Four comedians truly pertinent. A fast-paced performance. Light-hearted moments. Superb testimony about women.” - Dauphiné Vaucluse


“A creative staging that makes you want to go to theatre and touches both hearts and minds. We have fun, we laugh, we are moved. An interpretation of quality.” - Theatre Passion

1 h 35 - All audiences from 14 YO

Wednesday 26th February - 8 pm

Youth Square

238 Chai Wan Rd, Chai Wan, Hong Kong - Map