On Easter Sunday, the Lachassette family gathers around Mireille, the sick mother. They toast to the reunion! Absolutely! But caught between paternalism, obliviousness, and the desire to emancipate, is it possible to get along and show respect for the pretty familly setting when the dance of bitterness is being put in place? What can our true identity be within our own family? And how to assert our own uniqueness without hurting the others? We pretend to be happy and things are being said tacitly in order not to wake up the sleeping volcano…

« The two comedians are of a mind-blowing precision  »

« This sweet and sour comedy is a gem »


1 h 30 - Adults and Teenagers

Le bois dont je suis fait

(What I am made Of...)

de Julien Cigana et Nicolas Devort

La Cie qui va Piano

Saturday, 10th March - 8 pm

French International School Auditorium

34 Price Road, Jardine's lookout - MAP

Chers amis du Hong Kong French Theater Festival, 

Nous avons le grand regret de vous informer que le Festival de théâtre qui devait avoir lieu du 24 au 27 février 2020 est annulé. Nous faisons notre possible pour le reporter et vous tiendrons informés au plus vite.

Merci pour votre fidèle soutien, 

L' équipe du Festival


Dear friends of the Hong Kong French Theater Festival, 

It is with great sadness that we have to inform you that the Festival of theater initially scheduled from February, 24th to February 27th is cancelled, as a consequence of the sanitary situation. We are doing our best to re-schedule the event, and shall get back to you soon with more information.

Thank you very much for your understanding, and support, 

The Festival Team.