1830 - Sand, Hugo, Balzac tout commence

(1830, Sand, Hugo, Balzac)

de Manon Montel

Compagnie Chouchenko

Monday, 24th February - 8 pm

Youth Square

238 Chai Wan Rd, Chai Wan, Hong Kong - Map

Dive into an amazing literature drama and a chapter of history! The play tells the epic of three souls torn between their genius, their ambitions and their loves. This confrontation Sand - Hugo - Balzac is unprecedented on stage.

“An amazing play to better seize the fever of this century of political passions “ - L' Express (Christophe Barbier)


“Manon Montel raises the thoughts, the speech, and the poems of these three well-known figures. Eyes open wide, ears breathe… Drama meets up with its original goal : sublimate Literature.   A beautiful theatral getaway, both educational and cheering !” - Le Monde

1 h 15 - All audiences from 14 YO