Adieu, Monsieur Haffmann 

(Farewell, Mr. Haffmann)

de Jean-Philippe Daguerre

Cie Le Grenier de Babouchka

May 1942, in Paris: A decree is passed compelling all Jews to wear the yellow star. On the verge of bankruptcy, Joseph Haffmann, a Jewish jeweler, suggests his employee - Jean Vigneau - take over the running of his shop… “until things get back to normal…”


"The five actors are splendid and portray characters who are riddled with doubt but take action, sometimes without measuring the consequences of their actions. Thankfully, this masterpiece is neither black nor white. This play "Adieu Monsieur Haffmann” is most certainly one of the huge successes of the Avignon Festival." La Provence (French newspaper) 21 July 2016

"Sublime performances by Grégori Bacquet (in the role of the jeweler's employee), who received the Moliere Award for the Best Male Revelation in 2014, Julie Cavanna (in the role of his wife) and Alexandre Bonstein (playing Mr. Haffman). A stunningly beautiful creation by Jean-Philippe Daguerre." Le Point (French news magazine)

"This interpretation of history with its meaningful fraternal message, displays a perfect blend of profoundness and satirical humor." Gilles Costaz, Web Theater, 24 July 2016

Saturday, 18th March - 8 pm

French International School Auditorium

34 Price Road, Jardine's lookout - MAP

Chers amis du Hong Kong French Theater Festival, 

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Dear friends of the Hong Kong French Theater Festival, 

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